Of, relating to, or containing iron.

Ferrous Books is dedicated to providing book publishing and
promotional services to the blacksmithing community as a whole.

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Ferrous Tomes is dedicated to preserving the Art and Artists of Blacksmithing through
Historical Archiving and fostering international exchange of blacksmithing culture.

Our first and continuing project is the collection and cataloging of
Blacksmith Touchmarks, past and present. The resultant registry will
be published to UNESCO and the US Library of Congress for archiving.

If you have a touchmark registry, we would like it to be included,
please email us to arrange the particulars.

If you have a Touchmark yourself, you may use our Touchmark Form to
add an image of it to the collection.

We also maitain a collection of blacksmiths touchmarks on metal,
ranging from touchmarks stamped on small billets to those
signed on Garden Art in our TouchmarkGarden collection. To learn more
about the garden, it's Art and inception, Click here.


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